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  • Conference Venue : Harbin Engineering University
    • Directions : From Harbin Taiping International Airport
    Airport Limousine Bus
    Airport Limousine Bus (No.3) -> Harbin Engineering University
    Time : Approximately 2 hour
    Public Transportation Airport Limousine Bus (No.2) -> University of Science and Technology - >
    Take the subway (Line 1) -> Harbin Engineering University

    Time : Approximately 2 hour 40 minutes
    • About Harbin, China
    • Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang, China’s northernmost province. The city grew in the late 19th century with the influx of Russian engineers constructing the eastern leg of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. The city's Russian architecture includes its green-domed Saint Sophia Cathedral, an Eastern Orthodox church now a local history museum. Across the river, Sun Island Park is famed for year-round ice sculptures.
      • Province : Heilongjiang
      • Population : 10.64 million (2010)
      • Area : 53,068 km²